Loxeal Acrylic Glue

We at Tribotec offer high performance structural acrylic adhesives with high impact strength, that do not flake. The acrylic adhesive has a high resistance to chemicals and also good resistance to heat. Ours Loxeal 34-60 acrylic glue 2-component glue, is, for example, extra effective for binding difficult rubber materials, metals, ceramics, glass and plastic substrates. 

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Acrylic adhesive for use in the plastics industry, flooring, etc 

The acrylic adhesives are shock and vibration resistant, and perform well even without a primer. Our acrylic-based adhesives are ideal for use in the plastics industry, but due to its excellent adhesion to EPDM membranes, the adhesive is also perfect for use in e.g. flooring and waterproofing of wet rooms. 

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