Non-labelling adhesives for a better working environment and climate

There are several adhesives that are not subject to labeling on the market today, i.e. not covered with a warning symbol. We want to promote a good working environment and are therefore actively working to include more adhesives in our range that have as few negative effects on health and the environment as possible.

Loxeal Non-labelling adhesives from Tribotec
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Market-leading products for thread locking and thread sealing

Loxeal Green Line has a wide range of adhesives and sealants for demanding applications in industrial maintenance. All provide the best possible locking and sealing against most media, such as:

  • Water
  • Gas
  • Oil
  • Petrol

Loxeal Green Line is available in different viscosities and strengths depending on whether the dressing is to be used for permanent locking or whether it must be removable. Difficult to find the right one? No danger! We make sure you get the right product. Please contact us If you have questions.

Profitability and working environment

The right products for thread sealing and thread locking are a prerequisite for many machines and processes to come into their own and function as they should. With correct sealing, you can count on increased reliability, lower maintenance costs and less wear and tear. Loxeal's non-labelling adhesives are produced with special consideration for your health and safety. Always reliable and easy to handle.

We are your complete supplier of thread sealing, and we will of course help you find exactly the product you need.