OKS Lubricants from Tribotec, pastes, oils, greases, cleaning agents, maintenance products for industry

Industrial lubricants from OKS

With us you will find a comprehensive range of lubricants for long-term lubrication in tough operating conditions. All are high quality, modern products for a variety of lubrication applications. Consult us to find the best product for your application!

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OKS screw and assembly paste

Safe lubrication, separation and corrosion protection effect even when used under extreme temperature and pressure conditions.

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OKS Oils

Oil lubrication for high temperatures and high speeds, for example for gearboxes, chains, sliding bearings, hydraulics and compressors.

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OK Grease

Permanent protection against friction and wear and protects the lubrication point against external influences such as moisture and pollution.

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OKS Dry lubricant

Lubricants for, among other things, nuts, screws, bolts, discs, springs, gears and threaded spindles.

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OKS Corrosion protection for metal and tools

Corrosion protection for safe preservation during storage and transport. Reliable products for temporary, cathodic and decorative corrosion protection.

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OKS Maintenance

Maintenance products for ongoing maintenance, including rust remover, release agent, cooling spray, compressed air spray and leak detection spray.

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OKS Cleaning agent

Cleaning agent for thorough removal of dirt and lubricant residues.

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High performance grease for heavy duty applications in hot, wet and corrosive environments. Most areas of use in industry, marine and "off road" applications.

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All types of lubricants for industry

  • Rolling and sliding bearing grease for high/low speeds and varying pressures
  • High temperature grease
  • Special lubricant for plastics
  • Especially sticky grease
  • High performance grease with solid lubricants
  • Semi-liquid lubricating grease for transmissions
  • Universal and EP grease
  • Food approved lubricants (NSF-H1/H2)
  • Assembly and screw connection paste

Here you will find brochures about all our products from OKS.

Lubricant for demanding and sensitive applications

By using OKS special lubricants, you can be sure that national and international regulations are complied with in both production and maintenance.

We have products that can be used in all areas where people may come into direct or indirect contact with lubricants, and of course also lubricants that are approved for food.


Take care of your machinery!

With high technical performance, you can take care of your machine equipment and ensure long service life without unplanned stops and extend the life of the machines. Our industrial lubricants are specially formulated to meet today's increasing demands on performance, safety and the environment. With OKS special lubricants, we take care of the most demanding applications.