OKS Maintenance

We at Tribotec offer a wide range of high-quality OKS maintenance products. OKS maintenance products are unbeatable when it comes to ongoing maintenance of your components' nuts, levers, links, valves, or other applications. Here you will find both OKS in spray form, as well as in the form of liquid for use as rust protection, rust remover as a cooling spray - a gentler alternative to heat treatment - and, for example, leak detection spray. 

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Universal rust remover with molybdenum disulphide for industry, workshop and maintenance. Unloading…

Leak detector in spray form for pipes, devices and containers with pressure...

Leak detector for lines, devices and containers with pressure from the inside. Also…

Liquid leak detector for pressurized pipelines and containers. Instant blistering on…

OKS MaintenanceOKS Cleaning agent

OKS 661 Rust remover

Active rust remover for removing rust spots on metal surfaces and loosening…

OKS Maintenance

OKS 2901 Belt spray

OKS 2901 Belt spray

Clean, bright film for belt maintenance. Protection against dehydration…

OKS Maintenance

OKS 621 Rust remover

OKS 621 Rust remover

Fast-acting rust remover for industry and workshops. The solvent cools joints and…

Silicone release agent with many possibilities OKS 1360 is highly effective and user-friendly,…

Release agent in spray form for a variety of applications OKS 1361…

OKS Maintenance

OKS 2711 Cooling spray

OKS 2711 Cooling spray

Cooling spray for quick detection of interruptions in electrical connections or…

Water-based release agent for welding with electricity and gas. Prevents coating…

Silicone-free release agent for the entire plastic processing area. Welding release agent for electric and inert gas welding....

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OKS spray and liquids for effective rust protection, lubricants, etc

Here you will find, among other things:

    Universal rust remover for maintenance in industry and workshops. Can be used both to reduce squeaky disturbing noises, for effective loosening of rusted nuts, screws, links and the like, as well as for dismantling springs, bolts and the like.
    Leak detector in spray form for lines, devices and containers with internal pressure. Also for fittings, flanges, valves, etc. Enables direct visual inspection of the leaking site through blistering. No corrosive effect.
    Release agent in silicone for plastic processing, blow molds, casting molds, etc. A weather-resistant and waterproof release agent, for versatile use: lubrication, impregnation and maintenance.

Tribotec also offers OKS products for cleaning, these can be found under a separate category: "OKS Cleaning"

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