OKS Cleaning agent

Here you will find our wide range of OKS Cleaners and OKS Universal Sprays, for thorough removal of dirt and lubricant residues on your industrial applications. The range includes, among other things, adhesive and varnish removers, quick cleaning, foam cleaners, contact cleaners, as well as biological and food-approved cleaning agents.

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OKS Cleaning agent and Universal spray - for thorough cleaning

OKS cleaning agents are high performing in terms of cleaning both dirt and residues from lubricants, or other previously applied agents. 
In our selection you will find, among other things: 

  • OKS 2610 Cleaning agent Universal
    A vaporizing universal cleaner that leaves no residue for cleaning material surfaces or machine parts. Effective for degreasing e.g. metals, plastics, ceramics, as well as cleaning attachment surfaces and friction surfaces. Effectively removes old grease and oil residues, as well as residues from other chemicals. Ideal in industries such as plant and (tool) machine construction.



  • OKS 2611 Cleaning agent Universal spray  
    OKS 2611 Universal spray for material surfaces and machine parts, based on a mixture of highly effective solvent. Works as effective cleaning and degreasing of ceramics, metals, elastomers, plastics, etc. The agent leaves no residue on the cleaned surface. Suitable for example in the chemical industry.
  • OKS 2660 Rapid cleaner 
    A quick cleaning agent based on solvents, for machine parts and material surfaces, such as plastics, ceramics or metals. OKS Rapid cleaner evaporates quickly and leaves no residue.

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