OKS Grease – silicone grease for all industries

Silicone grease and other lubricants are an obvious part of most industrial users' toolbox. Finding the right lubricant for various machines and industrial applications to function as intended. Which lubricant best suits each individual machine - or rather each individual part of your various machines - can of course vary, but strikingly often it is some kind of silicone grease that best does what you want a lubricant to do: Protect moving parts from friction and wear and keep external influences such as moisture and pollution away.

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Versatile silicone grease

We have a wide range of different silicone greases for industrial use. They differ in various respects and are therefore particularly suitable for different areas of use. Among the varieties you will find here with us can be mentioned

  • marine grease, which is particularly resistant to seawater.
  • sprays, to access difficult places.
  • silicone grease that can withstand high temperatures.
  • bearing grease for slide and roller bearings.
  • silicone grease approved for food and drinking water.

We stock more types than that, and of course there are silicone greases that fall under several of the categories. Read about our different products below!

Are you finding the right silicone grease?

There is obviously a lot to choose from and a lot to think about. But we will help you find the right one! If you are not sure exactly which silicone grease suits your business best, or if you want to ask something about the products or how we work, just Contact Us then we will help you. Welcome!