Cortec VpCI-126 Pallet hood

Cortec VCI Hood

Cortec VpCI-126 pallet hood is used in standard pallets as rust-proof packaging. Film thickness: 100 my as standard.

Available as standard in full and half-pallet formats in various heights, as well as in a large number of customer-adapted dimensions. In the table below you will find available sizes for our pallet hoods. We also have hoods in other sizes beyond what is shown in the table. Feel free to contact us for help with your needs!

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    Technical specification VpCI-126, Pallet hood

    ProductItem noProduct descriptionLive.pack
    CORTEC 126 K1 VpCI1126V-K1Rust protection hood Half pallet 900x600x900mm, 100my50 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 K2 VpCI1126V-K2Rust protection hood Half pallet 900x600x1100mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 K4 VpCI1126V-K4Rust protection hood Half pallet 900x600x1400mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 K6 VpCI1126V-K6Rust protection hood Half pallet 900x600x1600mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 L2 VpCI1126V-L2Rust protection hood Whole pallet 1250x850x1100mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 L3 VpCI1126V-L3Rust protection hood Whole pallet 1250x850x1400mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 L4 VpCI1126V-L4Rust protection hood Whole pallet 1250x850x1600mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 L6 VpCI1126V-L6Rust protection hood Whole pallet 1250x850x1800mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 L7 VpCI1126V-L7Rust protection hood Whole pallet 1250x850x2100mm, 100my25 pcs / roll
    CORTEC 126 L8 VpCI1126V-L8Rust protection hood Whole pallet 1250x850x2250mm, 100my25 pcs / roll