Loxeal 18-10 Thread seal with PTFE

Loxeal 18-10 Thread seal with PTFE

Demountable anaerobic adhesive with Teflon for thread sealing. Seals against gas, compressed air, oil, CFC, water and many chemicals. Provides an elastic film after curing with good resistance to vibrations and high temperatures. Temperature range: -55 °C to +150 °C. Thixotropic effect prevents the sealant from running off the thread before or during curing. Viscosity: 17,000- 70,000 mPas (+25 °C). Gas and drinking water approved.

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    Technical specification Loxeal 18-10 Thread seal

    ProductItem noProduct descriptionLive.pack
    Loxeal 18-10LX1810075Thread seal weak with Teflon, 75 ml bellows10 pcs / map.
    Loxeal 18-10LX1810250Thread seal weak with Teflon, 250 ml tube10 pcs / map.