Loxeal 28-12, Flange seal, elastic

Loxeal 28-12, Flange seal, elastic

Anaerobic adhesive formulated to act as a form-in-place gasket for rigid flange connections of pumps, gearboxes, motor housings and threaded connections. Loxeal 28-12 is designed to meet the highest standards of health and safety as it is non-labelling, and carries no warning symbol.
The product hardens between metal surfaces and is easy to remove with standard tools. Provides a flexible film, resistant to vibrations, oils, fuels and industrial fluids. Temperature range -55°C to +180°C.

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    Product sheet

    Technical specification LOXEAL 28-12

    ProductItem noProduct descriptionLive.pack
    Loxeal 28-12LX2812075Flange seal flexible Green Line, 75 ml bellows packaging10 pcs / card