Loxeal 58-12 anaerobic glue, 75 ml

Loxeal 58-12 – Thread seal medium strength for gas, oil & water

Anaerobic adhesive for sealing threaded metal connections. Suitable for sealing against gas, potable water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils, CFCs and other chemicals. Developed to improve work performance and is not labeled as a product harmful to health according to current directives for the labeling of chemical products. Cured product forms a solid, medium-strength seal that can be removed with common tools. High resistance to shocks, vibrations and heat.
Viscosity: 20,000-80,000 mPas (+25 °C), thixotropic.

The product has been assessed by Sunda Hus and Byggvarobedomningen. This means that products are assessed based on chemical content, life cycle and sustainable supply chains. We thereby contribute to making it easier to build sustainably and to make conscious material choices.

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