OKS 1110, silicone grease for food and drinking water

OKS 1110 is the perfect silicone grease for those who work with food or drinking water. It is of course registered as H1 with NSF and thus approved for use in industrial applications that process or in any way handle food or drinking water, but there are more advantages because OKS 1110 is also highly adhesive, transparent, odorless and tasteless.

OK Grease

OKS 1110, silicone grease for food and drinking water


Versatile and reliable

OKS 1110 is a silicone grease that is not only odor and taste neutral, but also so adhesive that you can use it in slightly trickier contexts: It not only lubricates fixtures and moving parts in all kinds of pumps and machines, but works equally well on seals and plastic parts. OKS 1110 is stable over a long period of time and prevents dehydration, hardening and bleeding. In short, it is perfect for drinking water or food handling.


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