OKS 1360 Silicone release agent

OKS 1360 silicone-based release agent is ideal for many different types of applications. The release agent is used to counteract the adhesion of, for example, moisture, excess sealant or excess glue, and is advantageously used for casting or injection molding processes, blow molding or extrusion processes for materials in plastics and elastomers. OKS 1360 silicone release agent enables versatile use for continuous lubrication, protection, maintenance and impregnation, within a wide temperature range.
OKS 1360 Silicone release agent

OKS Maintenance

OKS 1360 Silicone release agent

Silicone release agent with many possibilities 

OKS 1360 is highly efficient and user-friendly, but has far more advantages than that:

  • The release agent creates a pronounced surface wetting, which, together with a separating film formation, provides effective separating properties.
  •  The release agent is easy to use, as you only need to be able to form extremely thin films of the agent to get the full effect.
  • OKS 1360 is weatherproof and waterproof. 

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