OKS 1361 Silicone release agent, spray, food approved

OKS 1361 silicone-based release agent in spray form is ideal for a wide variety of applications. The release agent is NSF registered and is used to prevent adhesion in plastic processing, to moulds, blow moulds, etc. OKS 1361 release spray is advantageously used for continuous protection, lubrication, impregnation and maintenance, within a wide temperature range.

OKS Maintenance

OKS 1361 Silicone release agent, spray, food approved

Release agent in spray form for a variety of applications

OKS 1361 is a user-friendly and highly effective release spray, ideal for many different applications: 

  • For cutting applications in the paper and packaging industry, veneer or textile industry.
  • Ideal in the catering and cooking industry
  • Compatible with both plastic, metal and rubber materials,

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