15 April 2013

Fast glue for efficient production

Loxeal quick glue (approx glue) is used for immediate bonding of rubber, metal, plastic, ceramics, leather and porous materials. Common applications are gluing small surfaces where fast production/fixing time is the main requirement. For best results, the surfaces to be glued should have as small a gap as possible, below 0.1 mm; maximum 0.2 mm with some types.

Working temperature. standard instant glue -50-+80 gr C. However, new temperature-resistant Loxeal instant glues are available that can withstand short-term temperatures up to 180 gr C.
For porous materials and when gluing on vertical surfaces, there is a gel version.

Some of our most common instant glues are presented below.
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Quick glue selection table

Loxeal 14 For bonding metal/metal to metal/rubber/plastic
Loxeal 17 Viscous/gap-filling variant of Loxeal 14
Loxeal 23 All-round glue for plastic/rubber
Loxeal 25 Gap filling for metal/plastic/ceramics
Loxeal 29 Black, elastic for tough applications
Loxeal 34 For difficult-to-glue plastic/rubber materials
Loxeal 43 All-round glue – plastic, metal, leather, wood
Loxeal 43S Super fast variant of Loxeal 43
Loxeal 45 Viscous variant of Loxeal 43
Loxeal 47 Gel, drip-free for porous/vertical surfaces
Loxeal 7 Primer for difficult-to-glue plastics - before gluing
Loxeal 9 Activator for quick glue

The glue can be dosed directly from the bottle, but for larger volumes or requirements for accuracy, we can suggest a suitable dosing system.

Safety data sheets & documents

Here you can read more and download our product sheets, certificates, certificates & safety data sheets.