13 November 2015

Fast-curing silicone adhesive for fast production without heat

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Most production processes require increasingly faster lead times. With SnapSil 230 A/B, Momentive has developed a product that solves this problem. The product is a 2-component, fast-curing silicone adhesive that cures at room temperature, forms a non-stick surface very quickly and has excellent adhesion to most materials. This condensation-curing, fast-curing silicone adhesive is an excellent product for industrial applications with a high demand for speed, where a heat-curing product should not be used when constituent components can be damaged and/or a faster production flow is desired. SnapSil 230 A/B is designed to cure through within 30 minutes and reach full strength within 24 hours at room temperature (25 deg C).

Examples of applications: Gluing in the white goods industry (oven doors, stoves, etc.) Read more in the product technical data sheets.

SnapSil 230 A/B offers good adhesion without primer to a variety of materials such as: Glass, PVC, fiberglass, steel, galvanized steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.


  • Fast curing at room temperature
  • Quickly builds wet strength, fixation (green strength)
  • Excellent adhesion without primer
  • UL 94 approval
  • Enables rapid production
  • Easy to apply 10:1 mixer tube
  • No inhibition problems during curing

Curing curve fast-curing silicone adhesive SnapSil 230AB
  • Silicone for industrial applications?
  • What types of materials should you glue?
  • What strength is required?
  • What does the production look like?
  • Do you need UL approval?

Tribotec has many years of experience in industrial bonding, sealing and encapsulation in the machine, electronics, aviation, vehicle, life and pharmaceutical industries with rtv silicone and other silicone products. Feel free to consult with us at an early stage.

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