16 June 2016

Corrosion protection for the aviation and space industry

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Corrosion protection in the aerospace industry can be catastrophic if not detected or addressed. The risks increase as the aircraft get older and after long exposure to oxygen, humidity and other corrosive environments.

Even critical support equipment and instruments can be damaged if not properly protected. Cortec's new brochure "VpCI Corrosion protection for the aerospace industry" gives a good insight into how to best protect this type of equipment against corrosion attacks.

Corrosion on aircraft can appear in many different forms. You can read about this and much more in the brochure below.

Benefit from our experience
The corrosion protection group gives you all the knowledge you need about vci corrosion protection. Over the years, we have helped many companies, large and small, to increase profitability by reducing corrosion attacks on their products and thereby avoiding complaints from customers. The corrosion prevention group will be happy to come out to you and also conduct training. A good investment against rust.

Contact us and we will come to you and go through your process.

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