12 August 2013

Now one of our biggest customers chooses BIOPAD rust protection

BIOPAD – Environmentally smart rust protection

That VCI foam, impregnated foam plastic, provides 10 times more rust protection VCI (VpCI) / surface (m2) than traditional VPI/VCI paper and other VCI based packaging material has been known for a long time. This makes it possible to protect products/devices with large surfaces and aggressive environments. The unique combination of low / high vapor phase pressure (VpCI) that impregnated foam plastic emits ensures long-term protection for large export packaging during, for example, transport in a sea container but also during storage.

One of our largest machine manufacturing customers has for several years used the traditional foam but has now switched to the biodegradable version BIOPAD as the advantages are many.

Cortec BIOPAD is made of non-woven material which is biodegradable compared to the traditional foam pad which is a petroleum product.

Cortec BIOPAD also provides more rust protection/surface unit because it is both thinner and smaller than foampad, which makes it a lot cost effective.

Cortec BIOPAD also works excellently in smaller packages such as full and half-pallet packaging. By combining VpCI Biopad or foam and Cortec VpCI 126 movie a very effective rust protection is obtained. (Technical product sheet)

Cortec foam plastic combines VpCI® protection with desiccant simply and effectively in a single step. Foam can be used separately or to reinforce VpCI® film or other Cortec® packaging products for a guaranteed fully protected package.

Cortec is the world leader in VpCI rust protection. Cortec has local partners in most countries around the world, which means that Tribotec via its network can send out expertise on site wherever you wish. You will find the same products with the same name and properties anywhere in the world together with local Cortec expertise.

Are you global - choose a global partner like us.

Cortec® technology can be easily integrated into your manufacturing and assembly lines. Cortec® products eliminate the corrosion of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can also lubricate, increase production speed and provide longer tool life - in short, you get help producing first-class products.

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