28 August 2015

Rust protection of closed spaces

Rust protection of closed spaces

Closed spaces are often forgotten when rust protection is to be applied, which means that they are exposed to dangerous corrosion attacks. Cortec is now introducing a new product in rust protection for these closed spaces – Cortec EcoFog VpCI 309 Nano (product description). This patented product is a vapor phase inhibitor in powder form designed to protect ferrous metals in tanks, pipes and other enclosed spaces.

Due to its fine structure (small particles), the rust protection diffuses faster, transports faster and thus protects a significantly larger surface than comparable products with a larger particle size. This makes it extremely easy to effectively protect hard-to-reach spaces.

The product does not contain silicates, phosphates, nitrites or heavy metals and provides up to 24 months of continuous protection.

Typical applications:

  • Tubular structures in turbines, systems and equipment
  • Internal protection of compressors, turbines, engines, tanks, boilers and heat exchangers
  • Preservation of dry-laid closed cooling systems
  • Protection of equipment after pressure testing
  • Protection of parts before and after assembly during transport and storage

Package sizes: 2.3 kg, 23 kg, 45 kg.

Storage: the product must be stored in well-sealed packaging, dry, protected from direct sunlight < 65 gr C.
Storage period: 24 months

EcoFog VpCI 309 Nano meets the requirements according to MIL 1-22110C Standard

Questions? Contact one of us in the rust protection group:

Stefan Fältengård: 0705-28 28 79

Mats Gunnemyr: 0702-83 07 66

Mats Holmvik: 0766-77 04 00

Henrik Stjerslev Jakobsen: +45 2070-3330, Denmark

Safety data sheets & documents

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