16 August 2013

Headache due to rust - take a pill

Even if your first contact with pills was some form of medical treatment, Cortec is about to change that trend. Cortec's expert team of chemists and engineers launched a revolutionary anti-rust pill – CorPak tablets – the best treatment against all rust diseases.

By using this small, super economical and highly preventive pill, costly and time-consuming conventional rust protection can be eliminated.

The CorPak tablets provide extremely effective and dry protection of metal in various types of packaging. By using VpCI (vapor phase inhibitor rust protection), these tablets, which are ready to use straight from the can, provide rust protection for up to 2 years. The only thing you need to do is put a couple of tablets in a bag, box or package. The Cor Pak tablets made from Nano-VpCI are free from nitrites, phosphates and silicates which makes them safe to use and apply.

After the corrosion protection VCI (VpCI) vaporizes, it will coat all metal surfaces, even small confined areas. The protective monomolecular layer does not need to be removed before further processing or before other use of the protected material. When the package is opened, the rust protection is removed, but as soon as the package is closed again, the vapor phase will rebuild a comprehensive rust protection.

The VCI layer does not affect the function of electrical or electronic components.

The CorPak tablets are manufactured to protect products, components and parts when packed in corrugated packaging, plastic packaging/bags, metal or wooden packaging. CorPac also protects against salt water during sea transport.

Cortec CorPak tablets protect up to > 7 liters of air volume/tablet. The tablets are easily dispensed manually or with automatic dosing systems.

No spraying, drying, dipping, surface treatment needed.

The CorPak tablets meet NACE standard TM 0208-2008, MIL-I-22110C and meet the RoHS directive.

With Tribotec's products, you get complete rust protection with environmentally friendly VpCI technology. Our packaging solutions are based solely on environmentally friendly products. In combination with the fact that solvents do not need to be used for cleaning, the rust protection is the most user-friendly on the market. The rust protection itself is largely recyclable.

Read more about our complete environmentally adapted rust protection range.

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