2 December 2013

Rust-proof concrete structures - extend the service life

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MCI rust-proof concrete structures

Rust-proof concrete structures – Revolutionary technology extends the pourability of concrete structures.

Cortec MCI 2005 NS (normal set) has, during both laboratory and field tests throughout the world, proven to be a powerful liquid concrete additive, which provides a multi-metal protection of cast steel structures in concrete. MCI (Migration Corrosion Inhibitors) protects against corrosion arising from corboratization, salt attack, atmospheric impact and other contaminants without changing the setting time and properties of the concrete formulation.

This long-term corrosion protection inhibitor doubles the protection time before corrosion attacks occur and reduces corrosion attacks up to 5 times during the construction's lifetime.

Cortec MCI 2005 NS also reduces the effects of shrinkage and the appearance of cracks. It maintains structural strength and extends the life of the structure. The product is designed for optimal cost efficiency in all projects.

Rusted rebar in deteriorated concrete is a major factor in the large costs incurred due to costly repairs and damage.

MCI rustproof rebar

Rust-proof concrete structures

MCI 2005 gives NS protection against aggressive effects of corrosion in various types of concrete. This organic mixture migrates a considerable distance through the concrete and protects metals such as carbon steel, galvanized and other material combinations. MCI 2005 NS protects through a migrating corrosion protection inhibitor. In addition to this, it contains a proven contact inhibitor.

When mixed with the concrete, the MCI rust inhibitor penetrates the concrete and forms a rust protective layer on the metal. When the product is used in repair and plastering work, MCI 2005 NS will migrate a considerable distance to unaffected areas, providing effective protection to existing rebar.

MCI 2005 NS protects both anodic and cathodic surfaces, is safe to work with, not harmful to health, is environmentally friendly and does not contain calcium nitrite or other similar toxic substances. The stated dosage of this product is not affected by the salt concentration in the construction.

The product can either be applied in the water or in the powder at "on-site".

rust-proof concrete structures diagram durability MCI compared with common methods

The product meets NSF Standard 61 approval for potable water applications (approved by Underwriters Laboratories).

MCI 2005 is recommended for:

  • All reinforced, prefabricated, prestressed, pretensioned or marine structures
  • Steel-reinforced concrete bridges, highways and other roads exposed to corrosive environments
  • Car park, ramps and garage
  • Concrete piers, pipes and columns
  • Restoration and repair of all commercial and civil engineering works
  • Application in manufacturer's repair formulation to improve corrosion protection capability

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