6 February 2013

Rust protection with soybeans

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Rust protection with soybeans

Rust protection with soybeans. Now you can replace dangerous mineral oils and flammable solvents. Cortec BioCorr® is a water-based, biodegradable VCI rust protection that eliminates expensive destruction costs and creates a clean workplace.

Given that oil prices have passed $100 per barrel, huge cost increases in the use of petroleum-based corrosion protection are to be expected. Now there is a way to avoid this.

Rust protection with soybeans

Reduce carbon dioxide emissions to 70% with Tribotec and BioCorr® Now we can present another environmentally friendly rust protection product. BioCorr® is a 100% bio-based and biodegradable anti-rust oil that protects metals in storage and during transport. Because the product is free from chlorine compounds, chromates and nitrites from VOCs, you create a clean workplace and avoid dangerous material spillage. The solution gives you complete rust protection at the lowest cost for up to 2 years.

This is how the technology works

Through film-forming additives in combination with vapor-phase corrosion inhibitors (VpCI/VCI), BioCorr® provides excellent corrosion protection for multimetals. The oil is free from chlorine compounds, chromates and nitrites and is easily applied by dipping or spraying. BioCorr® is advantageously used as a biodegradable rust protection agent for machines and equipment, >2 years protection during storage and transport as well as for the protection of pipes, flanges, gears as well as for cast iron, steel sheets and coils. The oil is packaged in 19 liter buckets, 208 liter drums and bulk. Can also be filled in our Air-spray system.

The product is advantageously used in combination with Tribotec's VCI plastic / VCI paper.

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