19 June 2013

This is what customers think of Tribotec

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Every year, Tribotec conducts a customer attitude measurement via Tradewell - a company that specializes in measuring success factors for company development. About 100 companies in Sweden and Denmark participated in the latest survey. Questions were asked both to people in production and purchasing.

NKI The result we received from our customers was a whopping 4.19 – a result we are very happy about but which we will of course do everything to improve.

Willingness to recommend has improved. 85 % of the customers can imagine recommending TriboTec to a high or very high degree. On a positive note, the percentage of customers who can imagine recommending TriboTec to a "very high degree" has increased from 25 % to 34 %, which is likely due to the increase in the percentage of customers who are "very satisfied" with TriboTec.

The most important customer requirements which is spontaneously mentioned is delivery security followed by delivery time. The result shows that both customer requirements are met in a good way.

Highest average grade receives TriboTec for whole and complete deliveries, for the seller's service and treatment and for the order reception's way of handling customer calls (customers get the help they need).

Lowest average grade gets TriboTec for the amount of information about product news/changes.

A direct measure after the survey has therefore been to present a new website with more nutritional benefits for our customers. We have also started a Tribotec blog to have an interactive meeting place for our customers with a continuous news flow. We will continue to have a high presence on the web and social media as this is where our customers are looking for information to a greater extent. The response from customers after this has been very positive.

More customers think TriboTec is better than the competition in 2012 compared to 2011 (34 % compared to 17 % in 2011).

Service, support, good knowledge of the products, the product range, the sellers and delivery security are examples of reasons that customers state why TriboTec is better than the competition.

In summary, we can state that TriboTec has a Satisfied Customer Index to be proud of. Improved average ratings in many important quality areas indicate the right focus in the improvement work.

We at Tribotec are always responsive to areas of improvement that you, as a customer, see with us - so please let us know if you have any views on our collaboration. We will do everything to make you satisfied!

Finally, a big thank you to all of you who participated in the survey. / Joakim Dock CEO