6 September 2017

Save 40% compared to oil based corrosion protection

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Cortec has developed a new water-based corrosion protection product (RP) that reduces the cost of use with 40% compared to using the most commonly used oil-based corrosion protection products on the market. Cortec's EcoCorr RP provides excellent corrosion protection while reducing the "carbon footprint". EcoCorr Water-based Corrosion Protection RP is a complete replacement for oil-based corrosion protection used for temporary indoor protection of equipment and components. The product is easy to use and easy to remove.

After the product is applied to the metal surface via dipping, brushing or spraying, EcoCorr RP forms a dry, clear film. Even precision machined parts that are to be handled in picking robots can be coated with this product without problems arising. In most cases, the coating does not affect the product and therefore rarely needs to be removed from the product surface when it is fully assembled and ready for use.

Newly processed metal surfaces are particularly sensitive to surface rust and corrosion between the various manufacturing steps. To avoid costs incurred from rust, it is very important to apply a preventive corrosion protection to the metal surfaces between processing, manufacturing and delivery. This is usually done with an oil- or solvent-based product, which is often sticky, hazardous to the user's health, and difficult to remove.  

EcoCorr water-based corrosion protection (RP) improves the cleanliness of the manufacturing and assembly premises and provides an improved working environment by eliminating oil spills, flammable residues and hazardous components such as nitrites, phosphates and harmful amines.

In tests according to ASTM C-1748, metal surfaces are coated with the corrosion protection and then exposed to 100% relative humidity at 49 gr C. EcoCorr Water-Based Corrosion Protection withstands over 800 hours in this test.