15 November 2017

Silicone for power electronics, batteries, hybrid applications

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As alternative energy sources evolve to power our world, so do the demands on power electronics. High power conversions require higher frequencies which result in higher temperatures, which requires materials that can handle higher working temperatures. Tribotec and Momentive offer silicone products that can be used for exactly this type of application. Read more in our new brochure "Silicon for power electronics applications".

Examples of areas of use:

  • Hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles
  • Renewable energy
  • Train

Typical applications:

  • Power units
  • Battery modules
  • Electric motors
  • Converter
  • Inverter
  • Battery pack

Silicone properties
Wide working temperature = Use temperature between -50 grC – 200 grC
Oxidative resistance = Resists deterioration due to ozone and UV exposure
Dielectric stability = No dielectric changes with temperature changes/impact
GEL = Good vibration damping

Our product range in silicone for power electronics includes condensation and addition curing silicones, silicones for thermal dissipation and gel.

Silicone for thermal dissipation: The products in the "Thermal" range conduct heat away from critical components. Most cure with heat or at room temperature.

Silicone gel: Our GEL products are available both as 1 and 2 component with a large variation in viscosity and several different curing variants to allow variable times and temperatures.

Addition-curing (heat-curing) silicone adhesive: Forms a strong adhesive bond against most materials and seals against moisture and other contaminants. The products offer flexible curing times depending on the application requirements.

Condensation curing (humidity curing) silicone adhesive: Cures at room temperature and forms a strong adhesive joint that glues most plastic and metallic materials, the products offer a fast non-stick surface which facilitates faster production.

To give you the right solution, we have both a wide and deep range of silicone for electronics applications. Feel free to contact us at an early stage, we will come out on site to help you succeed in what you want to achieve. Please read more about our range here or contact Kim Heden 0702-003135, product specialist at Tribotec.

Our supplier Momentive is one of the world's leading manufacturers of these materials.