1 October 2013

Silicone for electronics protects and provides increased performance

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Silicone for electronics. In the electronics industry, silicone is used as protection against, above all, corrosion and impacts. Electronic silicone has a good electrical insulating ability and is not affected by water or moisture even in the very long term. Silicone also remains flexible after curing and can therefore withstand the thermal expansion in electronic components. The products also retain their flexibility in an unusually wide temperature range and are therefore perhaps the best material choice for sensitive electronics.




Support gluing

Heat dissipation

EMI Protection

Silicone is not classified as thermosetting plastic and most of the products are therefore very easy to work with in their production process. Thanks to this, a special adaptation of the workplace is generally avoided.

Of all types of adhesives, silicone generally provides the highest resistance to temperatures above 150°C. Tribotec's range can withstand continuous heat around 200°C, and many variants even higher. Ovens, LED luminaires, components around a car engine – all have to withstand high temperatures for a long time, and therefore silicone as an adhesive and protective material is the natural choice.

To give you the right solution, we have both a wide and deep range of silicone for electronics applications. Tribotec has many years of experience in industrial bonding, sealing and encapsulation in the machine, electronics, aviation, vehicle, life and pharmaceutical industries with rtv silicone and other silicone products. Feel free to consult with us at an early stage.

From experience, we know that projects gain time and quality from early collaboration. Get in touch with us, we are happy to come out and visit you.

Our supplier Momentary is one of the world's leading manufacturers of these materials. Momentive is the world's second largest manufacturer of silicone. Momentive Performance Materials consists of the former GE Advanced Materials which was bought by Apollo management in 2006. 4600 employees and manufacturing in 25 countries. Sell and support to 11,800 customers in 100 countries. Strong product range within RTV silicones, HTV, LSR, oils.