28 February 2014

Fast-curing silicone adhesive for high temperatures

silicone adhesive for high temperatures

Gluing doors, glass, reinforcements and other constructions in constructions exposed to high working temperatures up to 285 gr is now possible. Tribotec's new partner has a wide product range of 1- and 2-component silicone adhesives for this type of joining challenges.

Depending on customer requirements and conditions, there are products with different curing times, viscosity and color choices.

Although oils and grease are involved, the products work excellently in applications for gluing, for example, oven doors, but the areas of use naturally extend beyond white goods applications right into all industrial applications where a strong flexible adhesive joint is required.

Tribotec has many years of experience in industrial bonding, sealing and encapsulation in the machine, electronics, aviation, vehicle, life and pharmaceutical industries with rtv silicone and other silicone products. We have a wide range of silicone adhesives for high temperatures. Feel free to consult with us at an early stage.

From experience, we know that projects gain time and quality from early collaboration.

Get in touch with us, we will be happy to come out and visit you. Contact Kim Heden on phone 0702-00 31 35 or via email: kim.heden[at]tribotec.se for more information about Novasil products.

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