24 October 2013

Steel profile protects its bullet-proof and burglar-proof profiles with rust protection from Tribotec

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Steel profile develops and sells profile systems in steel and stainless steel for glazed door and sliding door parts, facade and wall parts, both inside and outside in office and shop buildings, airports, banks, embassies, prisons, schools, hospitals, service homes, etc. The profiles can fulfill requirements for, among other things, fire, bullet, burglary and explosion protection, cold and sound insulation, etc.

Premium products are shipped worldwide

Steel profile delivers, among other things, its fire protection profiles in sea containers (LCL or FCL) to customers all over the world, where they are then assembled into finished batches. The environment during transport can be very aggressive towards the steel profiles, so it is important to protect the bundles against moisture, shocks and corrosion.

To ensure deliveries and also some storage at the customer's premises, rust-proof packaging from Tribotec is used.

"-The technology has been tested for a long time with us and gives a very good result, says Johan Hafström, CEO of Stålprofil. We dare not take the risk of saving on the rust protection. The finished batches must meet requirements for personal protection, so we must always deliver tested, approved and correct products to our customers all over the world, which we also do. Together with expertise from Tribotec, we have routines and packaging to ensure deliveries to our international customers. "

The profiles are packaged in flat film VpCI 126 anti-rust plastic in combination with impregnated foam plastic that provides an extra boost of rust protection.

After the profiles have been packed, all bundles are marked with an information text (see below) that informs everyone who comes into contact with the goods that it is rust-proof and that the bundle must not be opened. If it still has to be done, the text informs that it must be resealed immediately.

In addition to this, Stålprofil writes in the shipping documents that it is VpCI 126 and ISPM15 approved
wooden packaging used.

If you want to know more about how we at Tribotec can protect your products against rust attack, contact the rust protection group at Tribotec. You will find contact information for us here:

VCI rust protection – is one environmentally adapted rust protection method where the contents are protected by an active, invisible rust protection. The protected parts are quickly protected and ready to use immediately without costly cleaning, which saves a lot of time, provides a better working environment and strengthens the quality seal of your company's brand.

Don't let your company's resources rust away!

Safety data sheets & documents

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