24 August 2016

Super effective foam cleaner OKS 2631

A new super effective foam cleaner for workshops, hobby, vehicles, restaurants and office equipment.

OKS 2631 Foam cleaner is easy to use thanks to an active cleaning foam and is ideal for use on vertical surfaces. The product is gentle on the underlying material during the cleaning process, not aggressive towards varnish, rubber and plastic. OKS 2631 restores the luster of the color and works as an antistatic agent. OKS 2631 is silicone-free and gentle on the skin.

It is perfectly suited for Plexiglas, as it has passed the stress crack test according to DIN EN ISO 22088-3. OKS 2631 removes organic coatings such as grease, silicone, rubber coatings and smoke coatings (nicotine).

Cleans metals, glass, chromed surfaces, plastic and rubber - interior and exterior.

Typical areas of use:

  • Aluminum and stainless parts, machine components, Plexiglas
  • Windshields, headlights, visors in helmets
  • Plastic surfaces, screens, kitchen equipment, counters and benches
  • Glass surfaces, glass frames, mirrors, tiles, ceramics
  • Boats, caravans, bicycles etc


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This is how the product works simply:

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