15 November 2016

The moisture absorbent that changes color DesiCorr

Moisture is a dangerous enemy for products such as circuit boards, optical equipment, electronics, and parts that are stored in, for example, museums. Mold, moisture, rust, and a general reduction in product properties are a common result of moisture attack, which costs millions of kroner in the form of complaints or unused products every year.

Desicorr® Pouches NW (NW-without window) protect against these damages by absorbing the moisture that builds up inside the package.

The moisture absorbent that changes colour

Desicorr® is a specially designed moisture absorbent that comes either with or without a transparent window. The window version includes indicators that change color from yellow to green to show that the moisture absorbent is fully used.

This is important to know, so that new absorbent can be added if necessary. The desiccant can be reused if it is heated so that the absorbed moisture can evaporate.

For those who are more interested in maximum moisture absorption, Desicorr® Pouches NW (without window) should be used. Here, the transparent window has been replaced by a membrane that "breathes", which allows the absorbent to more quickly absorb the moisture from both sides of the package.

Desicorr® Pouches NW are designed to protect goods that are packed in a moisture-tight barrier package.

They are easy to insert manually or automatically without any degreasing or cleaning of the parts first.

The number of DesiCorr that should be used depends on the transport conditions and the types of parts to be protected.

Products that can be successfully protected are, for example:

  • Semiconductors
  • Electronics components
  • Circuit board
  • Relay, communication equipment
  • Museum object
  • Optical instruments
  • Military equipment
  • Machinery

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