2 April 2019

The new cyanoacrylate adhesive Loxeal 80 combines high flexibility with a short drying time

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Very high flexibility in combination with good sealing properties and short drying time means that the Loxeal 80 series Instant Flex solves many different challenges in a variety of applications. Use e.g. Loxeal 80 for rubber gaskets, O-rings, temporary repair of drive belts, fabrics, tarpaulins and medical equipment among many other things.

Features and benefits:

  • Very flexible
  • One component - no need to mix
  • Free from solvents - minimizes risks in the workplace
  • Moisture curing mechanism – requires no curing equipment
  • Fills porosities
  • Good thermal damping
  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Perfect for use on various surfaces
  • Clear, colorless
  • Available in a variety of viscosities
  • High elongation, up to 500 %

Download data sheet "Loxeal 80 Instant Flex" here >

Do you have questions about the product? Mats-Inge will be happy to help you and contact details can be found here: https://www.tribotec.se/underhall/