29 March 2016

Tire change – Prevent the wheel bolts from corroding with OKS 250

Prevent the wheel bolts from rusting now when the summer tires are to be put on! For many, changing tires means problems with the wheel bolts rusting. There is a simple solution to that problem and that is to use a metal-free paste, OKS 250, on the wheel bolts during assembly. Why should the pasta be metal-free? Well, then you are guaranteed to avoid the problems that can arise with galvanic corrosion that occurs when two different metals come into contact with each other. The metal-free paste creates an insulating layer between the wheel bolt and nut while lubricating with a constant friction. It is resistant to salt water, cold, heat and does not get dirty as the color is white. When it's time to change the wheels again, it's as quick and easy as possible. OKS 250 is available in 100 gr tube, 250 gr can with brush, 1 kg pack and in spray bottle, all to suit your particular application.

A tip before applying the paste is to remove rust, if necessary, that is present but a steel brush and then clean with a quick cleaner (Brake Clean) called OKS 2661. It is very effective and dries quickly. You can find all the products at our retailers. For more information contact us on 031-887880. Read more about our products here.

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