20 March 2015

Tough against rust – kind to the wallet

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If you are looking for an economical, water-based, work environment-friendly rust protection that is tough against rust and kind to the wallet, then Cortec VpCI 379 is the right product. 379 is designed to protect ferrous and non-ferrous metal components that are stored indoors. The rust protection also works great on outdoor components as long as they are protected from direct exposure from rain and other harsh outdoor elements.

VpCI 379 is developed to replace health/environmentally harmful oil-based rust protection. The product forms a clean and clear protective coating, which gives the protected surfaces an attractive appearance. VpCI 379 displaces water from the metal surfaces and is easy to remove if necessary. Materials that can be protected are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron and copper. VpCI 379 is easily soluble and forms a clear solution with water and normally dries to a tack-free surface in about 30 minutes.

Cleaning: VpCI 379 is easily removed with standard alkaline detergents. Read more about the product

Details to be packed, shipped or stored are all too often exposed to rust. With Tribotec's intelligent rust protection, you get complete rust protection with environmentally friendly VpCI technology. Our rust protection solutions are based solely on environmentally friendly products. In combination with the fact that solvents do not need to be used for cleaning, the rust protection is the most user-friendly on the market.