16 June 2014

Tribotec on the winning boat

Indutrade sailrace 2014

During 3 days 9-11 June, 110 were met Indurated CEOs from all over the world in Stockholm for interesting lectures, team exercises, socializing and exchange of experiences and of course a little competition. The main activity was a sailing race on a triangular course with 6 custom built J/92 sailboats.

It was a tough battle in perfect winds which was finally won by boat number "3".

Indutrade MD sailrace winning team Joakim Dock Tribotec helmsman

The helmsman on the winning boat was signed. Other participants in the winning team included Ulf Johansson, GA Lindberg Sealtech, Fredric Jönsson, Aluflex, Ingemar Moland, Filterteknik and Mikael Nilsson, Palmstiernas - all really fast and good at sailing trim. Worth mentioning is that CEO Johnny Alvarsson did not reach the final race, something that will certainly not be repeated next year as Johnny is an experienced competitive sailor. If he now dares to stand up with his crew again, that is...

Too full sails! / Snedsglaren J Dock Tribotec AB

Indurated sailing race

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