24 September 2014

Maintenance of rust attack on Caterpillar work vehicles

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In the attached customer case from Cortec Corporation, you can see an example of a successful application where rust attack is taken care of in an efficient and environmentally friendly way. The application concerns rust attack on work machines that are daily exposed to tough stresses and wear from the surrounding environment.

The products used in the current application are a unique water based, acrylic topcoat/primer for outdoor/indoor protection – Cortec VpCI 386. VpCI 386 provides a fast-drying thixotropic coating that forms a resistant protective barrier against rust and provides a nice finish. The product is not flammable and, like most of Cortec's products, VpCI 386 is based on non-toxic components.

Metal surfaces that can be protected are:

  • Carbon steel
  • Cast iron
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Copper
  • Galvanized (use VpCI 373 Green first before applying VpCI 386 to galvanized)

Read the entire customer case here.

Problems with rust - contact the Tribotec rust protection group

The rust prevention group works to prevent rust in companies' process flows, intermediate storage and internal buffering, as well as in connection with deliveries worldwide. With our solid experience in vci rust protection we have helped several companies, large and small, to increase the quality of their deliveries and thus avoid complaints from their customers. Everyone in the Rust Protection Group has good experience of industrial production and of risks and sources of why it starts to rust.

Most of the time we can achieve big improvements with very simple and small changes in the production process/flow says Tribotec's sales manager. Many companies accept having some rust in their production and thus increased costs and potential quality problems towards the end customer. Sometimes the problems increase during certain times of the year - which can have a natural explanation due to humidity and temperature. With relatively simple methods, we can solve these problems. Let us at Tribotec tackle the problem instead. Here you will find some example of tasks.

Contact one of us in the group and we will come out to you free of charge and go through your process.

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