March 5, 2013

VCI Foam – provides more rust protection

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VCI foam provides 10 times more rust protection VCI (VpCI) / surface (m2) than traditional VPI/VCI paper and other VCI based packaging materials. This makes it possible to protect products/units with large surfaces and aggressive surroundings. The unique combination of low / high vapor phase pressure (VpCI) that VpCI-130 contains provides long-term protection for large export packages during, for example, transport in a sea container.

Foam also works excellently in smaller packages such as full and half-pallet packaging. By combining VpCI 130 foam and Cortec VpCI 126 film, effective rust protection is obtained.

VCI Foam / VCI Foam pad

Cortec VpCI foam available in many different sizes from small self-adhesive pieces, full/half pallet sheet to 40 meter roll (1.4 m width).

Details to be packed, shipped or stored are all too often exposed to rust. With Tribotec's intelligent rust protection, you get complete rust protection with environmentally friendly VpCI technology. Our packaging solutions are based solely on environmentally friendly products. In combination with the fact that solvents do not need to be used for cleaning, the rust protection is the most user-friendly on the market. The rust protection itself is largely recyclable.

This is how it works

The products to be protected are placed in a VpCI package, for example a vci plastic bag or in combination vci bag / vci foam pad. When the bag is sealed, an active process starts that gives you comprehensive rust protection into the smallest joint, for as long as you wish. Previously time-consuming and sometimes even harmful methods, such as lubricating components with grease or oil, will become a thing of the past. Tribotec's VpCi technology benefits the working environment and nature while saving you time.

Shortest readiness time

When unpacking, the benefits become even more tangible. No clean-up work is needed, the components can go directly to assembly or the machinery can be unpacked, installed and commissioned in record time. The time savings will be as impressive as the cost savings.

Short- and long-term protection

We have solutions for you regardless of whether you need temporary protection in factories, a little longer protection during shipping and storage or long-term protection for stored parts for varying environments and weather conditions.

Welcome to contact us in the corrosion protection group for more information.