20 August 2013

VCI PAPER - the world's largest manufacturing unit - Cortec Eau Claire in the USA - invests millions

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Increased market shares mean that Tribotec's supplier of rust protection, Cortec Corporation, has now invested an additional $750,000 in equipment and processes to meet customer needs and wants. Above all, it is the customers' demand for larger paper dimensions that is behind the investment. The facility in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, USA can now coat, print and convert from 2.5m wide rolls, 1.8m diameter, at a speed of 500m/minute.

Cortec VCI anti-rust paper (VpCI) provides corrosion protection in a variety of applications, including single-pack, multi-pack bulk shipping, OEM, automotive component packaging for storage, and as spacers to separate products.

Tribotec's vci papers are nitrite-free and made from neutral/natural kraft paper that is completely recyclable as a paper raw material

Double coated paper

VCI paper with double rust protection effect is excellent in applications where metal components and metal parts that are stacked on top of each other must be rust protected. An example of such a product is Cortec Multimetal VpCI® 146 Double Coated Anti-Rust Paper. The advantage of using double-coated vci paper is that you halve the material consumption in your packaging and that you do not have to think about which side you turn inward/outward, regarding the function of the rust protection. This solution is thus both cost-effective and good for the environment.

Vci paper in combination with vci plastic

vci paper vci plastic

By using vci paper in combination with a protective vci plastic, a perfect protection of metal components is obtained under tough conditions.

- We tailor solutions for the most diverse products, everything from the smallest spare part to unwieldy machines. This is a fascinating protection system, the most environmentally friendly and user-friendly on the market, says the sales manager at Tribotec, which currently markets around 400 different items in rust protection.

If you want to learn more about rust protection - book in to the rust protection school.

The rust protection school is developed to provide basic knowledge on how to best protect your products that are to be packed, stored and shipped from starting to rust/corrode. Suitable for packaging technicians, quality personnel, purchasing managers, CEOs, sales managers who are dependent on delivering the "right quality" from the start without rust and thereby reducing bad will and increasing profitability and thereby creating increased competitiveness.