March 3, 2014

Vci paper protects precious metals against oxidation

Cortec Corporation presents a new high-tech vci corrosion protection paper with Nano-VpCI - Cortec Corrosorber. Corrosorber protects precious metals such as silver, tin and gold from creating oxide layers and thus discoloration. This type of metal is often used in the electronics industry. 

One side of the paper is coated with a special coating that cleans/neutralizes the air from hydrogen sulphide. When the paper has reacted with the hydrogen sulphide in the environment / packaging, the paper changes color from light green to brown. The other side of this vci paper has a VpCI (VCI) layer that protects sensitive metals for up to 2 years or until the coating on the other side has saturated and changed color to brown. The coating in the paper evaporates and coats all metal surfaces to provide complete protection against oxide coating.

Many oxide protective coatings need to be removed after use but this is not necessary with Corrosorber. This unique vci paper will not affect any physical properties such as conductivity or surface resistance of the protected metals.

Corrosorber can be used for single or volume packaging of products for protection during storage and transport. Just put the product in the paper, fold and make sure that the packaging is free of air exchange.

Corrosorber technical data

Corrosorber meets ASTM D-1748 (climate chamber test) for silver and copper, hydrogen sulfide test (test method CC-008-1) and meets REACH and RoHS.

Rust is a complex area

Corrosion is a complex area where there is a lot of money and goodwill to be had, if done right. With our knowledge and our broad vci corrosion protection program we help protect the entire production chain – from raw material to finished product delivered to the end customer. Rust not only attacks the products, by extension also the quality seal of your company's brand. Tribotec vci corrosion protection from removes the bad will caused by rust-damaged details. Don't let company resources rust away. Examples of assignments we have carried out >>

Problems with rust - contact the rust prevention team at Tribotec

The corrosion protection group works to prevent rust in companies' process flows, intermediate storage and internal buffering as well as in connection with deliveries worldwide. With our solid experience in vci corrosion protection, we have helped several companies, large and small, to increase the quality of their deliveries and thus avoid complaints from their customers. Everyone in the Corrosion Protection Group has good experience of industrial production and of risks and sources of why it starts to rust.

Most of the time we can achieve big improvements with very simple and small changes in the production process/flow says Tribotec's sales manager. Many companies accept having some rust in their production and thus increased costs and potential quality problems towards the end customer. Sometimes the problems increase during certain times of the year - which can have a natural explanation due to humidity and temperature. With relatively simple methods, we can solve these problems. Let us at Tribotec tackle the problem instead.

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Safety data sheets & documents

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