27 March 2013

VCI Rust protection for the process industry

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VCI Rust protection of process industry

Aggressive corrosion attacks in process plants are a technical challenge – it is a tough task to maintain efficient production and at the same time meet unrelenting requirements regarding workplace safety and environmental impact. Cortec's VpCI® technology gives you a new set of environmentally friendly, low-polluting and low-toxic ways to accomplish that task.

As a chemical engineering company, we believe in well-thought-out construction and environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and approaches. Our environmental responsibility is reflected in Cortec's certification according to the environmental standard ISO 14001: 2008.

VCI Rust protection additives enable highly effective, environmentally friendly and economical corrosion protection for the process industry. Conventional corrosion protection only protects in liquid phase, while Cortec® VpCl® provides corrosion protection in contact surface, liquid phase and vapor phase.

Unlike conventional corrosion protection methods, Cortec® VpCI can be easily and automatically deployed and maintained. Add Cortec® VpCl from one or more freely chosen points in the system to be protected. You can inject vci corrosion protection automatically, without operator intervention, into the system and immediately start protecting hundreds of meters of pipelines in steam and liquid distribution networks. Cortec ® VpCl ® products are developed for the 21st century and therefore contain no chromates, heavy metals, phosphates or chlorinated hydrocarbons. The compounds we use provide an environmentally acceptable method of protecting equipment. Cortec's VpCI® products increase the life of equipment in all environments, from highly corrosive brines in deep-drilled, high-temperature wells to vast and remote pipeline systems