15 November 2016

Water-resistant high-pressure grease for food applications OKS 481

OKS 481, water resistant high pressure grease for food applications, is now available in 400 ml spray pack. The product is approved according to NSF H1 and can therefore be used in production equipment for food manufacturing. OKS 481 is a fully synthetic calcium sulfonate complex grease developed for high loads and pressures in applications throughout the food production chain.

High shear stability prevents the grease from being pushed out under extreme mechanical stress such as during strong vibrations. It provides excellent protection against wear and tear and provides a very high level of protection against alkaline water, acidic disinfectants and cleaning agents. The calcium sulfonate soap ensures excellent water resistance and very good corrosion protection.

Examples of applications

  • Lubrication of roller and friction bearings, even at high temperatures
  • Lubrication of bearings in contact with cleaning and disinfecting agents.
  • For mechanical units such as levers, hinges, exposed to water

Product data sheet (eng)

Main application areas

  • Food and beverage industry, medical industry, agricultural industry, packaging industry
  • Approved for applications in food technology. NSF H1 Reg. no. 153878

How to change from conventional to food grade lubricant.
We recommend that the replacement be carried out during a regular service shutdown. All parts to be lubricated must be cleaned and checked so that no residual impurities remain. For cleaning, a cleaning agent approved for food technology is recommended (eg OKS 2650 with NSF A1 registration) or one that evaporates without leaving residues. The required limit values for the plant in question must be determined according to the HACCP method at the critical control points.

Replacement for oil lubrication
At the outlet, the oil should, if possible, maintain operating temperature. When the oil has been drained, according to experience, about 10% of the amount of old oil, wear particles and oxidation products remain in the system. Therefore, the system must then be thoroughly cleaned. Extra accuracy is required concerning tanks, central lubrication systems, drives and the like. Then the corresponding propellant is topped up, and the system is run at normal operating temperatures.

To reduce the contamination of the new NSF registered lubricant, it is recommended that cleaning oil
is used.

Replacement for grease lubrication
After cleaning, the system is filled with the required amount of OKS grease. If disassembly and cleaning of the plant is not possible, the new grease can also be relubricated. Then the relubrication interval must be shortened compared to the usual relubrication period, so that the old grease is pushed out. Make sure that the bearings are not overfilled, and that the old grease can be drained away. In addition, it must be ensured that the new lubricant is compatible with the old one.

Safety data sheets & documents

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