15 November 2017

Viscoseal – glues almost all materials

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Viscoseal is a series of adhesives and sealants. They harden to an elastic rubber, which makes the joint shock and vibration dampening. Viscoseal...

Viscoseal flexible adhesives are based on MS polymer. It offers many technical advantages. Above all, MS polymers are very versatile as adhesives thanks to their ability to adhere to materials as diverse as metal, glass, stone and wood.

MS polymer also has good resistance to chemicals, UV light, weather and wind and retains its flexibility in a wide temperature range. Since MS-polymer is not classified as thermosetting plastic, no special adaptation of the work environment is needed. The glue retains its properties in temperatures between -40°C and approx. +100°C.

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Adhesives and sealants for general use. Very good choice for gluing glass, plastic, wood, stone and metal. Cures with the help of humidity and provides a strong, flexible joint. Viscoseal 6958R is used in a number of different types of manufacturing, for example windows, greenhouses, car bodies, lighting fixtures, vehicles, refrigeration and plumbing as well as ships, small boats and containers.

Product data sheet 6958R

Available in the colors grey, black and white. Any color can be obtained in larger volumes.
Packaging: 290 ml plastic cartridge or 600 ml aluminum foil sausage. Also available in 25 liter buckets.

A stronger variant of 6958R for demanding constructions. Viscoseal 6960R gives approx. 50 % higher tensile strength but still almost the same elasticity. Available in white, black, gray and brown in 290 ml plastic cartridges.

Product data sheet 6960R

Transparent, almost glass-clear adhesive and sealing compound. Same areas of use as for 6958R. Available in 290 ml plastic cartridge.

Product data sheet 6938T

This variant of Viscoseal is a thin paste, which means that it can be sprayed using compressed air. It can be used as an adhesive for larger surfaces or as a corrosion protection compound over welding joints. Can be sprayed in a thin or thick layer and can also be applied with a brush. Viscoseal 6900R has very good adhesion to metals and many plastics.

Viscous and self-leveling. Can be used to seal or glue narrow gaps where a paste cannot run down. Hardens with the help of air humidity to an elastic rubber mass that adheres well to glass, metals, many plastics, stone and wood. Free from solvents.


Viscoseal 2K is a very fast-setting and strong two-component adhesive and sealing compound for production in large volumes. The product is fully cured in 4 hours. It is based on SPUR and provides a durable, tough and flexible joint. 2K does not need humidity or heat to cure. For industrial gluing/sealing indoors/outdoors in large series, e.g. in vehicles, caravans, bodywork, construction. The product is free of isocyanates, silicone and solvents. Works perfectly without primer on most surfaces, even when the surfaces are damp.

Available in 280 ml cartridge and 20 liter buckets: 48.5 kg per kit A (23.5 kg) + B (25 kg).

Product data sheet 2K