24 May 2016

Clean and protect against corrosion at the same time with Cortec 418

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All metal corrodes and degrades naturally, it's just a matter of when. By using smart corrosion protection solutions, we can slow down this corroding process and significantly extend the life of metal parts and components. Often we focus on corrosion protection towards the end of our manufacturing process, before storage and transport, because it is at these stages that corrosion is most often discovered. This is of course important, but don't forget that your corrosion problems may have started much earlier in your manufacturing process – in processing steps or in your washes.

Clean and rustproof at the same time

A smart measure that often pays off in the long run is to strengthen the corrosion protection already in the washing step to prevent corrosion problems later in the production chain. By using Cortec VpCI-418 in your washing system, you clean and protect your details at the same time! VpCI-418 is an alkaline industrial detergent that effectively removes tough dirt such as grease, processing oils and machine oils. In addition, it prevents surface rust and protects the metal surface against corrosion even after cleaning and provides temporary protection for subsequent storage. The product is low-foaming, nitrite-free and does not affect the adhesion of paint during any subsequent painting. When used, VpCI-418 is diluted with water to approx. 3-10%, which gives a high cost efficiency. It is also available in a silicate-free variant (VpCI-418 LM) for a maximally clean surface after cleaning.

Washed products packed in VCI plastic pallet hoods after washing with Cortec 418

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If you want to know more - contact Tribotec's corrosion protection group:

Stefan Fältengård: 0705 – 28 28 79

Mats Gunnemyr: 0702-830766

Mats Holmvik: 0766-77 04 00

Henrik Stjerslev Jakobsen: +45 2070-3330, Denmark

The corrosion prevention group at Tribotec works to prevent rust in companies' process flows, intermediate storage and internal buffering as well as in connection with deliveries worldwide. With our solid experience in vci corrosion protection, we have helped several companies, large and small, to increase the quality of their deliveries and thus avoid complaints from their customers.

Everyone in the Corrosion Protection Group has good experience of industrial production and of risks and sources of why it starts to corrode, such as after washing processes or during processing.