6 March 2017

Powerful electronics cleaner and protective spray - Cortec VpCI 239

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A powerful cleaner from Cortec's EcoSonic® line – Electronics Cleaner/Protective Spray, enhanced with VpCI® provides immediate, long-lasting, multi-metal corrosion protection. Cortec VpCI 239 is developed to combat corrosion on complex, sensitive electronics and electronic equipment. More importantly, it saves costs as labor time is reduced, product life is extended, and downtime is eliminated. This multifunctional cleaning and protection spray also protects electronic components outdoors so that they are not attacked by moisture and other aggressive media.

Cortec's Cortec VpCI 239 – application areas 

• Electrical connectors and components • Outdoor generators and junction boxes • Outdoor and indoor electronic components • Electric motors • Circuit boards • High and low voltage/current devices such as relays, connections, sensors, wires, etc.

This quick-drying product leaves a very thin, non-tacky anti-corrosion surface that is highly effective against aggressive, corrosive environments.