5 July 2024

dry rust protection smart investment that saves costs

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Using dry rust protection always means a profit as you don't have to spend time and resources on cleaning from oils and fats after storage and transport. Good for both people and the environment.

Products to be protected are placed in a VCI package (VpCI), such as a bag. When the bag is sealed, an active process starts that gives you comprehensive rust protection down to the smallest porosity. If you use your rust protection correctly, you will maintain maximum, cost-effective protection against rust attack and corrosion.

Dry rust protection is excellent for transporting large and small metal parts by boat or car, but also for storing everything from helicopters to machines and small tools. In other words, anything in metal that needs to be protected from corrosion.

We offer several dry VCI rust protections:

Plastic packaging
Patented, FDA-approved VCI anti-rust plastic as pallet hood, flat film and stretch film on roll, hose and bags in various sizes.

Packaging paper
Coated VCI paper of the highest quality that prevents rust. Available in different sizes.

VCI foam provides a very high long-term protection and is used in combination with VCI plastic.

With VCI emitter you avoid oxidation and corrosion, and get extra high protection for electronics and electrical installations.