27 August 2015

Rust protection brochure for the marine and shipbuilding industry

There is now a new corrosion protection brochure for applications in the marine and shipbuilding industry. Download it here Cortec Rust Protection Marine-Shipbuilding-Brochure English

Rust protection is an essential part in the design and construction of ships. Rust attack created by an aggressive environment can lead to equipment breakdown, reduced efficiency, large losses of valuable resources and high maintenance costs.

Cortec's VpCI (VpCI = rust protective vapor phase inhibitors) provides an effective and economical solution to these rust problems. The products are recommended for the protection of inaccessible spaces and for marine structures such as keels, rudders, etc. The products are also used for the protection of pipelines, electrical equipment and other marine equipment.

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corrosion protection marine applications

Safety data sheets & documents

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