March 20, 2013

Tribotec now offers silicone rubber in HCR quality

Tribotec now also distributes HCR silicone rubber which can be used for extrusion, molding and calendering. We mainly offer ready-mixed rubbers with peroxide or platinum catalyst, but can also supply base compounds on request.

We can put together a completely unique product for a specific purpose. Food approved, extra strong, extra soft, medically approved, packaged in a certain way, colored, with or without catalyst - whatever you want. Even smaller volumes can be customized thanks to refined mixing technology and extended support.

More detailed information will be published on the website shortly. For the curious, however, there is already a lovely thick brochure: Elastomers Brochure, with a lot of technical data.

Safety data sheets & documents

Here you can read more and download our product sheets, certificates, certificates & safety data sheets.