March 7, 2013

New work environment-friendly RTV silicones

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In September 2011 Tribotec launched Snapsil TN series, the brand new working environment-friendly rtv silicones (titanium hardening) . A year and a half later, many customers have discovered their good technical properties, and have managed to improve their designs. Among other things, the TN series has proven to provide good adhesion to many materials that are otherwise quite difficult to glue, e.g. various thermoplastics. The TN series is also designed for minimized outgassing and therefore it has become a favorite with manufacturers of displays, LED lighting, sensitive components, etc. where the low outgassing is a prerequisite to succeed in the application.

The image shows TN3705-C, a light-flowing transparent silicone that can be used to protect circuit boards or as an adhesive in narrow gaps. This transparent variant is tested against UV light and high heat and the results show that you do not see any significant yellowing in the material, which makes it a very good choice in bonding where a good appearance is important.

Nearby you can see the viscous TN3305B. This is a very versatile product that can be used for encapsulating sensitive electronics, gluing smaller details, sealing e.g. cabling and narrow gaps. Tribotec also sells this product in transparent and white. On request, it can also be refilled into 55 ml Semco syringes. TN3305 is approved according to UL94 HB.

The paste TN3085W is approved according to both UL94 V-0 and V-1, which is a very good result. It is perfectly suited for support gluing of electronic components or for gluing/sealing in contexts where you need a UL94 approval. Despite the proven strong flame retardant properties, it is among the kindest products on the market - no risk phrases are found in the MSDS. The same also applies to the other variants in the TN series.

Tribotec now stocks a number of variants in 310 ml cartridges of these new work environment-friendly rtv silicones.