19 September 2014

Help with reducing the range of chemicals?

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There are many people who have accumulated an unnecessary number of chemical articles and who can save both costs and the environment by getting an overhaul, says Marcus Svedin at Tribotec. I have helped many times and not infrequently get the number of products down with the entire 25%.

Reducing the consumption of chemicals should be a goal for all users, we think at Tribotec! A first natural step is therefore to reduce the range of chemicals. Often, one product can replace a number of products, which in turn provides a lot of benefits throughout the company, which saves time and money.

The result of reducing the range of chemicals usually means:

  • reduced number of chemical products – less chance of using the "wrong" product
  • reduced time required for updating chemical registers
  • more efficient purchasing
  • more efficient warehousing
  • reduced number of user instructions – more efficient production
  • reduced need for training/product
  • lower price - due to larger volume/product

Tribotec will be happy to come out to your company and review the current situation and come up with a proposal for action. We are used to handling chemicals and have well-established routines in everything from safety data sheet handling to REACH and CLP.

Tribotec has a complete range of environmentally friendly industrial chemicals for gluing, sealing, lubrication and vci rust protection. Read more about our products here.

Via our well-developed dealer network, you always have good access to our products. Here you will find ours industrial dealer.

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Marcus Svedin Tel: 0708-887810 marcus.svedin(at)tribotec.se