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Glue metal to metal

Anaerobic adhesives are one-component adhesives with an acrylate base, which are used specifically for bonding metal to metal. They are therefore very useful for a number of different industrial applications, for sealing against, for example, gas, air, water, oils or chemicals. 


Anaerobic adhesives with many uses

Anaerobic adhesives are very powerful, among other things, because they only harden when the adhesive is applied in a closed joint, i.e. in contact with active metal ions, and in the absence of oxygen. They are therefore excellent for transferring shear loads in applications that include, for example, pipe sealing, flange packing, screw locking, gluing bushings and bearings, as well as other types of cylindrical connections. 


Choose the right anaerobic adhesive for your screw connection 

When you need to glue metal to metal, it is usually a strong or medium-strength anaerobic glue that is needed for your locking or sealing. We at Tribotec offer a wide range of adhesives for this purpose, with slightly different properties and specializations.
The following tips can be good to keep in mind when choosing an anaerobic adhesive for your particular needs:


Here you will find more information about our range of anaerobic adhesives for thread seals!