VCI corrosion protection program

VCI Rust Protection – Rust is a complex and extensive area where there is a lot of money and goodwill to be gained, if done correctly. With our knowledge and wide range of different VCI rust protection, we help to protect the entire production chain. In the process, during short-term storage, long-term storage and during transport.

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Health – safety – environment

Cortec VpCI products are developed using the very latest chemical technology with a focus on work environment, safety, minimized fire risk and environmental impact.

Most materials remain unaffected

In most cases, the invisible VCI protective layer does not change any important surface properties. This also applies to the majority of electronic products, for which conductivity, permittivity and geometric tolerances are of decisive importance.

Multi-metal protection

Tribotec provides a comprehensive range of corrosion inhibitors for the protection of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and combinations of metals.