Loxeal Thread Seal

Does your business need to invest in new thread seals? We at Tribotec provide a wide range of Loxeal thread seals in the form of anaerobic adhesives. These are suitable for many different types of industrial applications, and ensure hydraulic tightness of the threaded connections. Our Loxeal thread seals seal and lock against pressure from gas, air, water, oils and many different chemicals. 

Loxeal thread seals for many different applications 

Our range includes a wide range of sealing industrial adhesives with different curing times, as well as available in different degrees of locking strength: 

  • LOXEAL 58-12 Green Line – Medium strength thread seal for gas, oil and water.
    Anaerobic adhesive for sealing threaded metal connections. The glue is suitable as a seal against gas, drinking water, LPG, hydrocarbons, oils, CFCs and other chemicals. The thread seal has high impact resistance, as well as high tolerance to heat and vibrations.
  • LOXEAL 18-10 Thread seal with PTFE
    Thread sealing in the form of removable anaerobic glue with Teflon. Seals against gas, oil, compressed air, CFC, water and most chemicals. The adhesive provides an elastic film after curing, and the finished result provides good resistance to high temperatures and vibrations.
  • LOXEAL 53-14 Medium strength thread sealant fear hydraulics and pneumatics.
    Medium-strength anaerobic glue based on methacrylate, for sealing hydraulics, pneumatics, threaded contacts and small pipes. Thread sealing is effective against gases, water, oils, LPG and many different chemicals. Loxeal 53-14 has high resistance to both heat, pressure, corrosion and vibrations.

At Tribotec, we are keen that you find the most cost-effective solutions for your particular business. You are always welcome to contact us for further information!

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